Svaneungen - English
Svaneungen - English
Svaneungen - English
Svaneungen - English
Svaneungen - English
Svaneungen - English

Svaneungen - English

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27 cm from beak to tail


~ 20 st = 10 cm

Suggested needle size

Long 4mm circular needlefor head, body and wings


Long 3.5 mm circular needle for beak and feet 

Original yarn

50 g Iris Alpakka from Rauma garn (Z920 natur)

held together with

50 g  Finull from Rauma garn (401 natur)


5 g Finull from Rauma Garn (414 koksgrå melert)


Stuffing material



About the cygnet and pattern



When I was little I had a fluffy duckling as a cuddle toy, and this cygnet (svaneunge in Norwegian) is made from the memories I have about it. The nostalgic side of me hopes that my daughter can love this cygnet as much as I loved my duckling. I am now excited that you are going to knit this cygnet for someone you love.


The cygnet is worked from the head to the tail. The head is shaped with increases in stockinette stitch, with decreases made towards the neck. Two eyes are embroidered on. Further, more increases are made for the body before decreases are made towards the tail. From there, stitched are picked up for the wings on either side of the body. The wings are also worked in stockinette in the round with increases and decreases. Afterwards, stitches are picked up for the beak, which is worked in stockinette and seamed together at the end. Finally, two legs are worked by knitting i-cord with increases for the feet. 


Yarn alternatives

There are almost endless options that would work well, as the gauge is only a recommendation. If your gauge is looser, your cygnet will be a bit larger, and tighter gauge will lead to a smaller cygnet.

Here are some other yarn alternative suggestions:


For head and body:

25g Puno + 5g mohair (single thread)

25g Duo + 25g Faerytale (single thread)

25g Duo + 10g mohair (double thread)

25g finull + 25g Duo

25g finull + 15g mohair (triple thread)


Puno=snefug, double Sunday, mitu, tjukk merino, cozy, heavy merino, varde, vidde, hexa

Finull = tove, tynn merino, baby ull, pernilla, ask, sølje, mini alpakka, sisu

Iris = trippel tråd mohair, faerytale, børstet alpakka

Duo = spøt, lerke, sterk, tinde, alpakka 


For beak and feet: 

5g of a yarn with a gaugae of 26/10 (see finull alternatives)




The pattern is translated by Elise Damstra